Mona Neubauer is an interaction designer and neurobiologist who’s design works focus on co-creation, social design, participation, learning processes and an ecologically and socially sustainable shared culture created through design.

Seeing design as a tool for social innovation, she is inspired by natural processes, open source and social interactions. Communal and holistic perspectives are crucial for her: living, working and being with people she admires.
Mona Neubauer is partner at ︎ Lucid, co-founder of ︎ co-co-co,
co-founder of ︎ Hyphen, co-initiated the project ︎ Designathon of which she is a proud member and teaches at ZHdK.

Talks, Publication, Exhibitions + Teaching

2022 Kornhausforum, Bern
Contribution in the Publication «shared spaces in change»
2021 Hochparterre
Jury Memer «Die Besten» within the category Design
2021 Kornhausforum, Bern, Shared spaces in change
Exhibition of the project «Guerrilla Citizen»
2020 Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, ZHdK
Course «Kleinwohnformen – Demokratisierung des Wohnens»
2020 Startup Campus, ZHAW and Technopark
Talk about entrepreneurship
2019 Design Biennale
Talk at the Pop-up Conference on the topic «Play»
2019 Refresh Festival, ZHdK
Exhibition of the project «nü»
2016 Participatory Design Conference, Aarhus, Denmark
Exhibition of the project «Pop-up Forum»
2016 Manifesta Zürich
Live performance of the project «Pop-up Forum»
2016 Fluchtpunkt
Live performance of the project «Pop-up Forum»