Mona Neubauer is an interaction designer and neurobiologist who’s design works focus on co-creation, social design, participation, learning processes and an ecologically and socially sustainable shared culture created through design.

Seeing design as a tool for social innovation, she is inspired by natural processes, open source and social interactions. Communal and holistic perspectives are crucial for her: living, working and being with people she admires.
Mona Neubauer is partner at ︎ Lucid, co-founder of ︎ co-co-co,
co-founder of ︎ Hyphen, co-initiated the project ︎ Designathon of which she is a proud member and teaches at ZHdK.

Talks, Exhibitions + Teaching

2020 Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, ZHdK
Course «Kleinwohnformen – Demokratisierung des Wohnens»
2020 Startup Campus, ZHAW and Technopark
Talk about entrepreneurship
2019 Design Biennale
Talk at the Pop-up Conference on the topic «Play»
2019 Refresh Festival, ZHdK
Exhibition of the project «nü»
2016 Participatory Design Conference, Aarhus, Denmark
Exhibition of the project «Pop-up Forum»
2016 Manifesta Zürich
Live performance of the project «Pop-up Forum»
2016 Fluchtpunkt
Live performance of the project «Pop-up Forum»