Lucid experiments and designs across technology, art, architecture and design. From interactive spatial installations, to web experiences and communication design, Lucid designs with a focus on interaction. Conscious about how each artefact, each space, each technology influences our thinking, behaviour and therefore common culture, Lucid acts with reflexion and precision.

How we work
We have a tendency for the unconventional. A curiosity based approach and operating principle in which a “Journey into the Unknown” awaits the instigators. We make things possible, we evaluate concepts and build prototypes.

Lucid the office for collective curiosity was founded in 2015. Together we work without hierarchy. Lucid is who we are. Our own interests, competences, our skills and our differences follow us through our work and makes our reflections, involvement and output original. We work co-operatively and research-based, which allows us to make things and make things happen.